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Scott Kaforey

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I am trying to add a few entries to the hosts file so that they can be used by my entire network.

I tried adding it to /jffs/config/hosts.add and restarting dnsmasq, but it did not seem to take effect. I verified by checking and my entry wasn't added to /etc / hosts.

Rebooting the router fixed the issue, but I'm wondering how I can get it to add all of my hosts to / etc/ hosts without editing that file directly. Is there another command to run, or service that I should be restarting?


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service restart_dnsmasq should update the hosts file as well, assuming JFFS custom configs and scripts are enabled in the GUI. They must be if it worked on a reboot. Check your syslog for messages that include “Appending”.

Also, make sure there is NOT a /jffs/configs/hosts file present (without .add).
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Scott Kaforey

Occasional Visitor
Ok I figured out my problem. I was typing the wrong command to restart the service, but didn't know it because apparently even typing service alskfjalksfj_flakjsflkjaf echo's done to the terminal, which made me think I typed it right.

Thanks Dave!

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