How can I add more than 4 nodes (1+4)


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I currently have an AiMesh with 1 main router plus 4 nodes. All the nodes are ethernet backhauling. I want to add a fifth node, wireless, in my back yard. Using the mobile app or the desktop app fails when adding the new node. The desktop app reports that I cannot add more than 9 nodes and I am over the maximum (although I only hav 1+4).

Had no luck speaking with ASUS tech support as they insisted that 1+4 was the maximum configuration.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Welcome to the forums @mleonard4.

What model routers/nodes? What firmware is installed on each? Have you ever fully reset all the routers in use and then minimally and manually configure the network without using any saved backup config files? And if so, when (how many firmware upgrades ago)?

Does simply moving an existing node not work to cover the back yard (at least temporarily, while outside)?

What other pertinent network information can you provide to help you?


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Currently my configuration is:

RT-AC88U firmware

RT-AX92U firmware
RT-AX92U firmware
RT-AX92U firmware
RT-AC68U firmware

I did a reset of all of the routers and re-added them to the AiMesh before attempting to add the fifth node. I did not use any saved configurations.


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If you remove all the nodes, can you add the "fifth" one (you didn't add him in your previous list model/version) as first node ?

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