How Can I Diagnose My Speaker System?

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I have a sonos system that keeps cutting out audio for no reason.

sonos keeps disconnecting when we have multiple sonos playing at the same time. music just stops and then starts again a bit later

Is there a diagnosis I can do to tell if it’s from the cable vs from the PoE/ethernet over power adapters vs from the wifi routers/nodes vs the sonos system itself?

All firmware updated

Had the issue since I bought them a few months ago.
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How is it connected now? You know what is dropping out already.

If wired, test with different cables (models and manufacturers).

If wireless, test with different Control Channels.

Do the devices need firmware updates themselves?

When did this issue begin? Was that before or after a major change to your ISP, router (setup and/or firmware), or new neighbors?

What router/firmware are you using? What additional features, options, and scripts do you have enabled?

The sound is dropped for a reason. Give much more details to get better replies. :)


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The easiest thing would be to check your router's wireless logs if it has them (ASUS routers do).

What do you mean by "different connection methods"?


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The easiest thing would be to check your router's wireless logs if it has them (ASUS routers do).

What do you mean by "different connection methods"?

The main sonos is Connected via Cable, then the rest is wireless. So unsure if internet is dropping out via the cabled connection or the wireless connections. Could also be issue with interference from another device - Someone said they had similar problems caused by their security cameras.


Mr. Easy
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I'm unfamiliar with the Sonos configuration. Does the "main" Sonos produce sound? If it does and it is cutting out, then the problem could be your internet connection.

Do you still get dropouts if you move the wireless Sonos closer to the cabled one?

This article says Sonos 2.0 uses 2.4 GHz, which is very crowded. It's also susceptible to interference from microwave ovens, among other things.


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You need to pay attention to which speakers are the actual streamer and which ones actually cut-out. If your wired speaker never cuts out, then it is most likely an issue with SONOSnet having issues.

#1 - Make sure SONOSnet is configured for a channel different from your normal WiFi
#2 - There are several diagnostic URLs you can get to on the various SONOS speakers
-- not always easy to make complete sense out of the data in here
-- start here:
#3 - Confirm if your Sonos speakers are configured for WiFi or SONOSnet
-- this will be "WM:" value in the About My System part of the app
-- WM:0 means wired or SONOSnet
-- WM:1 means it is configured for WiFi

Your best bet is to jump into the SONOS fourms and ask for help there. Support will most likely ask you to run and submit diagnostics, and they can usually tell you pretty quickly what is angry.

Most of the time when I have speaker cut outs, it is related to one of my APs unexpectedly changing channels. 2.4GHz only has 3 clear channels to pick from.

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