How can I restrict incoming IP addresses to ports that have been forwarded?

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I have an NGINX web server running on ports 80 and 443 that I use in conjunction with Cloudflare to externally serve my web applications to my domains/subdomains.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to specify that the following list of Cloudflare IP addresses are the only ones allowed through on those ports:

Any other IP should receive a drop packet under the assumption that if it isn't originating from Cloudflare, it's probably someone with malicious intentions. I'd like to send a drop packet so no one other than Cloudflare will even realize the ports are open.

When you set up a port forward in Asuswrt, I see the option for source IP - can I enter an IP range in this field? And can I enter multiple ranges, or do I need to create a separate port forwarding rule for each of the Cloud flare IP ranges?



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You can add either a host ( or network ( in the Source IP field. But you can't add an IP range like you would a port range (e.g., Of course, you can create multiple port forwards that differ only by the Source IP.
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Might be simpler to instead implement the ACL at the nginx end of things if you need to manage multiple subnets.

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