How can I set up a daily data limit?

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New Around Here

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum - new here and trying to grow my networking knowledge beyond 'basic'...

We recently finished our basement suite and are renting it out for short-term stays which includes wifi access. Our monthly internet plan is capped, so I would like to limit guest access to 10GB per day. I have done a bunch of searching, but most stuff refers to bandwidth limits on not actual data usage over a given timeframe. My network is currently setup as follows:

DSL modem into Edgerouter X
3 x TP-Link EAP245 access points - 2 in the house and one in the shop
one of the house access points is dedicated to the basement guests

I'm not sure what is easier (or possible?):
limiting daily data use at the router via the ethernet port that connects to the basement access point
setting up a VLAN for the specific access point (is this redundant?)
Limiting it within the access point itself

I have combed through the user guides for both the router and access points and can't find any obvious solutions. Since "unlimited" internet packages are pretty common in most places, maybe this isn't an issue for most..
I would obviously prefer to implement this using my existing hardware, but definitely open to purchasing something else if that is the best (or only) solution.

Any advice is much appreciated.


New Around Here
Figured I'd close the loop on this one in case anyone else is searching for a similar solution. I found that the Gargoyle router firmware has a "quota" option that allows limiting data usage based on IP address for a given amount of time. You can see details here.

Now I just need to figure out if I assign my access point a static IP address it will add up all traffic that flows through it.

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