How Do I Re-enable Information Sharing in 384.11_2 Privacy

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On a ASUS RT-AC68R running Merlin 384.11_2, I used the Privacy tab in Administration to disable sharing of information. The disable was done when I installed 384.11_2.

After the disable, I got this message on the Privacy page after the disable (see below). My question - in 384.11_2, how do I re-enable sharing of information, in case I later want to use features like Traffic Analyzer?

"Please note that users are required to agree to share information before using DDNS, Remote Connection (ASUS Router APP、Lyra APP、AiCloud、AiDisk), AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS, Game Boost and Web history. At any time, users can search for the contents of the terms at this page or stop sharing the information with other parties by choosing Withdraw."


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I believe the msg and opt-in option pops up when you try to use one of those options for the first time.


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activate one of the options which will need it and you will be asked again.


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But none are available. I cannot attempt an opt-in. For example, Traffic Analyzer (or was it called Traffic Monitor) is no longer available as a choice on the Home screen under General. Other features like Game Boost are no where to be found.

Other ideas anybody?

If it matters to help solve this, this router is configured as an access point.


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If it matters to help solve this, this router is configured as an access point.
That's probably your problem. Most (if not all) of the features you mentioned are only applicable in router mode. You could try temporarily switching to router mode, enable one of the features that requires Trend Micro, and then switch back to access point mode.

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