How important is node cpu/ram in a mesh system?

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I bought my parents an RT-AX58U to replace their aging N system but since I won't see them for awhile I decided to set up the AX58 as a mesh node with my RT-AX88U (wired backhaul) in the interim. I'm actually quite pleased with how it's working and it extends the 5GHz signal to the few corners of the house where I couldn't get them before.

Obviously my 88 and 58 have more than enough power (cpu and ram) to handle the devices we have but it got me thinking about how much load is put on a node. I'm sure it depends on the number of devices connected but does the CPU and RAM of the node get taxed much or does the main router handle most of that load? I know wifi technology would make a difference (i.e. main router has AX but node only supports AC) I'm more curious about the CPU/RAM component.



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Aimesh-nodes work like AP and so does no routing, therefore no CPU/RAM load for them.
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