how is openvpn client on asus rt-ax92u

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Hey guys,
How is openvpn client on Asus rt-ax92u!!
Is there full speed when are on internet.
What i know have 2 cores have but asus rt-ax56u that router have 4 cores and have good speed up och down.
Is there Some have an experience on that router asking about!!


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Dont use compression! This will greatly speed up your VPN connection and reduce CPU load.


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Literally dont use compression. It requires the CPU to decompress the content.

E.g. Compression: none.


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then understand what you mean.
checked in my asus rt-ax56u for openvpn client under advanced
compression :none


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compression :none
Back in the "old days" pre COVID-19 a vulnerability was discovered when using compression on a VPN connection so most if not all commercial VPN providers disabled compression on their servers so even if you select compression their servers either ignore the request or won't let you connect.


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The number of cores will have no impact on the OpenVPN performance, as it can only use a single core.

The RT-AX92U will be much faster, capable of reaching well over 200 Mbps because its CPU has hardware acceleration for the AES cipher used by OpenVPN.


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Sorry, busy day.

  • Look for a country near you that ignores DMCA (
  • I use Exclusive DNS configuration, believe this stops DNS sniffing? Best thing is to go the site ( and test it.
  • Compression none
  • Force internet traffic through tunnel (strict)
  • Enable block routed clients if tunnel goes down
  • Most people use UDP protocol (speed) but debatable.

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