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how many clients can my network serve?

Discussion in 'General Wireless Discussion' started by FrogFish, May 20, 2019.

  1. FrogFish

    FrogFish New Around Here

    May 20, 2019
    I want to buy a mesh wifi system for my home.
    my intended purpose is having 4-5 clients (TV/streamers/PC) which will stream 4K content occasionally.
    In addition, I would like to put some home security cameras on the network as well, still don't know if 720p/1080p/4K in resolution.
    What is the math I need to do to theoretically verify that my desired wifi equipment can withstand all this traffic?

    Thank you,
  2. L&LD

    L&LD Part of the Furniture

    Dec 9, 2013
    You need to add all the bandwidth that your clients will use in total to get the ISP required service level (and some buffer added too, of course) while keeping in mind that each Radio has a fairly hard limit of about 32 devices too.

    The streaming requirements for the resolutions you show is easily found with a google search. Multiply that with the number of cameras.

    Everything you can wire via Ethernet, do so.
  3. FrogFish

    FrogFish New Around Here

    May 20, 2019
    Thank you for the fast reply.
    So, let's assume each security camera is declared to require 8Mbps (mega bits per second). the same goes for 4K media streaming for entertainment (Streamers/pc's etc...)
    So 5 cameras will need 40 Mbps.
    If I get a wifi mesh system which support average continous bandwidth of 300 Mbps does this mean i can use 300/8= ~35-37 devices simutaniously streaming 4K videos over the wifi??
    Of course, i'm only interested to explore the wifi ability to support it, not the PC's DVR/etc... which need to actually do something with all that data, but only the "on-air" network traffic.
    It seems rather extreme to me? what am i missing here? channel saturation due to multiple devices on the same network? other theoretical explanations why the on-air traffic won't work on standard consumer devices with this theoretical traffic?

    Also, i tried to read the specs of several vendors and i'm a bit confused about MIMO and MU-MIMO, those are supposed to help to my use case, right? i would love some explanation how.

    Thank you!