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How Many MoCA Bridges Do I Need When Using Own Equipment for FiOS Internet and TV?

Discussion in 'MoCA, HomePlug, HPNA' started by CloakingDevice, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. CloakingDevice

    CloakingDevice New Around Here

    Sep 7, 2017
    Hello Everyone,

    So we're getting FiOS with (nearly) gigabit internet, as well as TV and phone. I'm aware the Verizon router is locked down, and Verizon can see everything you do. They can even see what password you use for it. Of course, I want to use my own equipment. I know tech support will only help you if you have their router, so we will buy a used one in case we need to troubleshoot with them.

    My research indicates the ONT needs to be setup for Ethernet, which won't be a problem, cause we're getting gigabit, and that's the only way it can be set for those speeds. It also said I need a MoCA bridge in order to use my own equipment. How many MoCA bridges will I need? We have two TVs. Do they both need bridges? I read the bridge is needed because you won't get the guide or VoD without it. Is it true that you can hook your computer up to one and have a wired connection via the coax in the walls? I had heard the coax itself will be the bottleneck for gigabit in this case if it is possible. Are there any bridges better than the Actiontec ECB6200K02 or is this my only option?

    I have a question about FiOS compatible routers too but I'm not sure if I need to post that in the wireless forum or if it's OK to put it here too.
  2. Samir

    Samir Very Senior Member

    Apr 1, 2013
    Once you have ethernet from the bridge, you can use whatever you want unless you also have tv service. Do you have tv service?