How to access Router GUI via IPv6 static UP?

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Since I am behind IPv4 CG-NAT, and my ISP only provides static IPv6, is it possible to access RT-AX88U's GUI from WAN via a static IP? Right now, I dial a PPPoE connection and no IPv6 gets assigned to my router. Only it gets assigned to various devices on the LAN via Native mode.

I have also not been able to access any of my devices having IPv6 on remote desktop from WAN.


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That is the single biggest disadvantage of CGNAT.
Worth calling the ISP to see if they can move you away from. Don't tell them you can't access your router, tell them you can't VPN to from home - much likely they will listen to such arguments.


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They just wont budge. They might actually just have 1 iPv4 which they are using for millions of their customers behind CG-NAT.

CG-NAT is the worst invention ever. Non customer friendly and it triggers captchas on so many websites.

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