how to add such a static route in the web interface ?!


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how to add such a static route in the web interface

route -n add -net netmask ppp5

you need to see the network for nat when connected via pptp vpn

it is inconvenient to execute this command every time I connect to vpn


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Incase it helps, I added a static route in the OpenVPN client config from my router ( to my modem ( in order to work with 'force internet traffic through tunnel: yes', by adding this line at the end of the custom config:

route net_gateway


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you did not understand,
I need to add a route using the web interface
how to do it in the SSH know

Linux has such options
ip-up-script / tmp / ppp / vpnc-ip-up
ip-down-script / tmp / ppp / vpnc-ip-down
ip-pre-up-script / tmp / ppp / vpnc-ip-pre-up
auth-fail-script / tmp / ppp / vpnc-auth-fail

but in the router there is no such possibility

I also can't figure out how to add static routes to the web, the ones that I write with my hands in the ssh
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