How to build VPN service/provider and avoid blocks by streaming services?

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Hello everyone.

We are trying to build VPN service provider and trying to avoid been blocked by streaming services like youtube music, netflix and so on. Now we have servers in several datacenters and thousands of online users. We constantly get blocked by for example youtube music after several days after we switched to new server IPs.

Anybody knows how to avoid beeing blocked? How to build VPN service to allow users to use streaming services without being blocked? We can buy/rent hardware and IPs, but we don't understand how streaming services block our new IPs so fast. We tried to use IPv6 (/64 per datacenter, unique IPv6 address per vpn user) but this /64 IPv6 subnets were blocked quite fast in several days.

How do "big" vpn providers work and allow to watch netflix/listen youtube music for all their big number of users?


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data center's IPs are too well known to streaming serive companies.

Commercial VPN providers also have to buy and switch IPs for customers to unblock Netflix,Hulu,etc.


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All my servers are blocked by netflix. So, I'm using cloudflare warp now. It is working great so far and it is worth mentioning that the cloudflare server is free.

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