How to do non-dirty upgrade to Rmerlin 386.1


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I want to do upgrade from 384.19 to 386.1 without doing a dirty upgrade. What is the recommended process to do this if I don't want to do a full nuclear reset?



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If it's been awhile since a reset and you don't have an elaborate setup, a reset wouldn't hurt and it won't be a hassle to reconfigure. No real rule for it, just piece of mind.


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Best Practice Update/Setup Router/AiMesh Node(s) 2021

If you do the 'least' possible, in the suggestions above, it may still be better than a 'dirty upgrade', depending on your environment.

But the time to do the least possible is well past the point of no return and doing the full suggestions will give you the best the hardware and firmware has to offer in terms of performance, stability, and reliability. Not that this 'time' is excessive, but whether you spend 15 minutes to do it or 25 minutes, the additional time is time well spent if done properly too. :)

Keep in mind that networking, and particularly Wi-Fi isn't a 'done' science yet. Issues will still need to be addressed; modifications will still be required as time progresses and what worked yesterday will need to be dropped for what needs to be done to make work tomorrow. Wi-Fi, network Security, wireless Standards, etc. are all a moving and fluid concept. Be fluid to keep up.

Beginning from a good/known state of your router/network is your best chance at doing the above (and more), more easily, and effectively.

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