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How to extend Guest WiFi with two Merlin routers?

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Hello everybody!
Could you please suggest me how to configure two routers in cascade in order to extend my WiFi network?
In brief: I need a Guest WiFi with *no* Intranet access on the second router.
With AiMesh I cannot accomplish this, since it doesn't support Guest WiFi on nodes.
Time ago I made a working setup with Tomato by using VLANs, however I strongly prefer the usability of AsusWRT-Merlin.

1)I have my ISP modem, which I use in plain bridge mode (
2)Connected to this modem, I've the first RT-AC68U which I use for my private network (192.168.1.x) plus private Wi-FI.
3)Connected to the first RT-AC68U (LAN Port), I've another RT-AC68U (192.168.2.x, WAN Port), which needs to be set in Router mode (not AP mode) in order to get a working / isolated Guest WiFi.

I'd like to be able to browse all my devices from both 192.168.1.x + 192.168.2.x networks.
Is it possible?

Best regards
FWIW, I do this myself using dd-wrt and the following firewall rules.


You can pretty much adopt the same firewall rules to just about any third-party firmware. Although I keep the guest router in Gateway mode. Makes things simpler. You don't then have to deal w/ adding static routes to the primary router, but you can if you prefer.

Nice thing is, you can enable and disable the guest network simply by plugging in or unplugging the AC adapter. Make it easy for other family members to add/remove the guest network w/o having to administer the primary router.
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It's not normally possible to "browse" across subnets. You'll have to be more specific on exactly what you want to do.

You also said that the second RT-AC68U is used for an "isolated Guest WiFi" which seems to contradict the idea of being able to browse them.
please apologize for the delay.

Let me resume everything, according to the first post:
1)ISP Modem, IP

2)Main RT-AC68U router, IP, connected to ISP Modem which is in bridge mode.
*WAN* Section of this router: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway,
in order to be able to browse ISP modem settings as described in THIS post;

3)Secondary RT-AC68U router, IP, connected to main router LAN -> WAN port.
*WAN* Section of this router: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway
I'd like to use this secondary router for
a)Extending main WiFi of Main Router
b)Enabling Guest WiFi which I need for the zone in which this router is located.

Problems / what I'd like to do:
1)While connected to the Main Router network, 192.168.1.x, I cannot access Secondary Router configuration page at
I can access it only if connected at the second router network 192.168.2.x at page.
Why? Looks like I've forgot to configure something but I don't get what.

2)Ideally I wish I could 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x networks being able to browse each other.
Actually I don't need this network subnet separation, I'm using it just for being able to use Guest WiFi feature on the Second Router.

1) To access the Secondary Router configuration page at you need to go to Administration > System and set Enable Web Access from WAN. Remember, from the Secondary Router's point of view everything upstream of it is "the internet" (or WAN).

2) As I said previously, it's not normally possible to "browse" across subnets. Also bear in mind that any Guest WiFi networks on the secondary router only exist on that subnet.

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