How to find the max up and download rates ?


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I use the flexqos and want to use 95% of my effective download and upload for best bufferbloat but on dls reports i get around 104 down and 20 up and on i get around 95 down and 19.5 upload how can i be sure what value i should use for the right size ?


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You'll get different results using different speedtest out there. Start off with using 95% of dlsreports. Test it for a couple days. If you're seeing latency you may adjust either by 90/85% of those scores. You may them use speedtest results using the same 95/90/85% until you feel everything is running smoothly! At least for me and my comcast speeds I used 85% of my bandwidth in the past. Each environment will be different for all!


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I'm trying spdMerlin: it seems to be giving the correct WAN speeds (meaning not affected by QoS) and can create a 7 or 30 day average value. I'm going to try 85% of that average value reported by spdMerlin.

For my connection, occasionally spdMerlin shows short-term drops well below the average value: during those short-term events I'm assuming QoS won't be working well :)


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I would start with 95% of the lowest speedtest values reported. QoS won’t work well if your external bandwidth drops beneath what the router thinks your limits are.

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