Unbound How to flush cache in Unbound Manager?


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I need to flush the cache. I tried going into Advanced Tools by typing unbound_manager at the command prompt, but I get the same set of options as selecting 7 in amtm, and rs is not in the list of options. So rs or rs nocache is not recognised.

i have a vague memory of Martineau possibly removing Advanced Tools, but I can’t find any details, and, other than rs nocache, I can’t find other information for flushing the Unbound cache.

So, has the Advanced options menu gone, along with the rs command; if so, what’s the best way to flush the cache? I think I’ve done it at last by uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling Unbound, but I’m sure there must be a far smarter method. Thanks.


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Of course! Serves me right for not keeping on top of this stuff.
Thanks, Dave. And thanks for not saying:

Try unbound_manager advanced, you p*!#@!


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This Is The Way
What is the origin of this catchphrase of yours?


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