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How to forward ports? GT-AXE16000

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This may seem to be a really basic question but I'm having some odd behavior on a client where I don't see expected incoming connections from a port that I've opened up for an app.

What is the correct process to open and forward a port from the router?

What I have done is:
WAN->Virtual Server/Port Forwarding -> Basic Config -> ON
WAN->Virtual Server/Port Forwarding -> Port Forwarding List -> Add profile

See attached photo. Is there anything else that should need to be done here? And if confirmation needed, I'm running some cryptocurrency nodes on this client and those are the required ports needed. I wasn't sure if the 'Internal Port' needed to be specified for this to work.

Just need to make sure I haven't missed a step on the router side here and that it should be expected to forward the traffic. Thanks!


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That looks correct. You can either specify the 'Internal Port' or leave it empty if it's the same as the external port, both ways should work.

EDIT: Check the rules at System Log - Port Forwarding.
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@Riptide @ColinTaylor and I worked through a similar issue in this Post. Perhaps, it will help guide you through your problem.

So what this turned out to be was a mistake on my side at the client. Long story short, I'm running a Monero (XMR) and a Haven (XHV) node on my client. I had everything forwarded correctly at the router. What was wrong were my rules on the windows firewall side. I noticed this morning my Monero node was accepting incoming connections but the Haven node was not. This seemed to point to the client which prompted investigation at the windows defender rules.

Apparently, it didn't like how I formatted the ports in the rule. Once I resolved that issue, away we went.

Feel like an idiot wasting so much time on that last night when all I had to do was shut off the windows firewall on the client and that test would've narrowed things down in a huge hurry.

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