How to get status of aimesh nodes from command line?

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Hello guys,
As the title says, I need to get the status of the aimesh nodes from command line to update some sensors.
I only found
asus_device_list and cfg_device_list in the nvram but they are not enough.

Is there a way to get the this information using command line?
Node ip address
Node MAC address
Online with ethernet backhaul
Online with wireless backhaul


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All that info is available at the mesh root in the gui. My guess is that you want to automate something. You can access the mesh nodes via ssh if the root router has it enabled (the nodes will have ssh enabled) However, only the MAC address will be in NVRAM. ifconfig will get you some info.


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OK, so I have planned some steps

1- Access to main router and get the ip addresses of the nodes. (In this case which parameter is more reliable asus_device_list or cfg_device_list? What is the difference? Both MAC and ip addresses are listed there)
2- Ping the ip address from the step 1 and check if it is online
3- If online, ssh into node then how to get backhaul status?


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I have struggled with this but after extensive testing. It is not a reliable method.
I can see the status of the nodes on the webui but how to get this info from the command line?
How to get the connection status of each node? (Off, Wifi, Ethernet, IP, and MAC)
I don't exactly know the use of asus_device_list and cfg_device_list but they don't work anyway.
I tested this by unplugging the ethernet cable of node. The node went to wifi backhaul mode. I could see it on the UI but asus_device_list and cfg_device_list values didn't reflect anything.
Maybe @RMerlin has a way?


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AiMesh is closed source. I have no control at all over its functionality.


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AiMesh is closed source. I have no control at all over its functionality.
I was hoping some status indicator or something similar would be accessible but I guess it is not.

It is just frustrating seeing it on the webui but being unable to access it.

Hmm, another option would be using jquery or sending GET requests to web server periodically since <div id="onBoarding_block"> seem to include some useful info but that would make logging in from another client problematic

I was hoping adding the status of the nodes to the snmp using snmpd.conf.add.

Any other ideas are welcome

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