How to handle several WebUI on RaspberryPi

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New Around Here
Hi, I have a project, I would like to attach a raspberry pi 4 with "raspberry pi OS lite" on my local network with:
- jDownloader2
- Deluge
- pi-hole
- samba
- (not yet defined) GPIOs with web control

foe each of those, there are some, or even many web interfaces and I guess some of them, the ones accessed by IP on the local network, may get in "conflict"?
- I guess this will not be a problem since it uses an "intermediary" server....
- deluge web ui (uses Pi IP) (I could also use the ThinClient, but I would like to have both options and what would be the fun on that
- pi.hole/admin (uses Pi IP)
- samba [Webmin or SWAT] (uses Pi IP)

I have already installed all of those but on separate devices
so the question is: if I install all of them on the same device, which web UI will show when I will access the Pi IP from the local network?

And how can one access to each of them? can probably the DNS of the pi-hole be configured to redirect to the different web UIs?

[bonus question] I have not yet used docker, but would you recommend it for this kind of project?

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