How to have the bandwidth monitor see the individual/client's own vpn traffic/usage?

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New Around Here
Hi All,

New joiner in the forum and I am very pleased user of asuswrt merlin! my router AX58U been running for about a week using merlin's release 384.19, and all good.
My WAN is connected to ISP's bridge router, I don't use vpn at the router side (prefer to do it individually when needed), and all of my stuff/clients (around 15 devices more or less) are connected via wifi to my router. I don't use QoS and only use bandwidth monitor feature. I can see my bandwidth usage for each client (ul/dl) also traffic in and out in general. All standard.

My challenge is: as soon as my son is turning on his own VPN in his laptop, Nothing showed from his laptop in the bandwidth monitoring page (where we supposed to be able to see ul/dl of each client) whilst the traffic analyzer page showed clearly there is a big traffic going (but in a lump sum). I thought it was just a one off case, then i tried also connecting to vpn from my laptop, and download stuff, same thing. Even though i am using big bandwidth (downloading from internet), nothing showed in the b/w monitoring coming in/out from my laptop. it's like my laptop have no activity at all.

I don't need to block, re-route or analyse the content whatsoever. All I need is to be able to see/pin down who/which client is eating up the bandwidth, so at least that I am aware of whats going on. Is there any way to show this client's invisible (vpn) traffic in the bandwidth monitoring? or is it just not possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.

the vpn protocol used was IKEv2 (Surfshark), haven't tested other protocol yet.

thanks in advance, cheers
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