How to increase the Wireless Power on RT-AC88U?


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just switched from dd-wrt (latest firmware) to Merlin 386.4. Why did I switch? The weak antenna performance is actually the main reason, with DD-WRT this problem was fixed but unfortunately I have problems with link aggregation and the ports, which made me try Merlin. Merlin runs stable and my main functions are back but unfortunately I can only set Power TX conditionally, actually only like with ASUSWRT. Now to my question, is there by a Scribt or otherwise a possibility to set or increase the transmission power as with DD-WRT? Thanks in advance. Markus


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No there isn't. Merlin's firmware is the same as Asus' in this respect.


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Too bad, I'll have to get a stable version of DD-WRT.

I like Merlin well but what can you do.

Regards Markus


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Don't waste your time. The limits are set elsewhere.

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