How to manually check usb stick health on merlin fw?

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Is there any guru which can tell what commands from router's ssh (rt-ac86u) I should run to manually check health of my mounted usb sticks?
I tried health scanner from webui, but there is not any results shown. Maybe that scanner is only for HDD, I dont know. My shared drives are usb flash.

/tmp/home/root # df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
ubi:rootfs_ubifs 77.2M 60.5M 16.7M 78% /
devtmpfs 214.9M 0 214.9M 0% /dev
tmpfs 215.0M 1.0M 214.0M 0% /var
tmpfs 215.0M 1012.0K 214.1M 0% /tmp/mnt
mtd:bootfs 4.4M 3.3M 1.1M 75% /bootfs
tmpfs 215.0M 1012.0K 214.1M 0% /tmp/mnt
mtd:data 8.0M 624.0K 7.4M 8% /data
tmpfs 215.0M 1012.0K 214.1M 0% /tmp
/dev/mtdblock8 48.0M 1.9M 46.1M 4% /jffs
/dev/sda1 110.2G 42.1G 62.2G 40% /tmp/mnt/128GB
/dev/sdb1 220.9G 256.9M 208.9G 0% /tmp/mnt/usb2
/tmp/home/root #

I want to check /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1
Should I unmount them first?
Please give me exact commands how to do that and how to process with check.

128GB drive is absolutely fantastic so far (Patriot Supersonic Magnum 128GB usb 3.0), but its about 5 years old now and I have moved a lot of files to/from it. I'm a little worried about its health.

After update from 384.13 to 384.18 merlin fw there is this error sometimes.
Oct 25 13:22:41 kernel: ERR: rdpa_cpu_tx_port_enet_lan#223: rdpa_cpu_tx_port_enet_lan failed. rdd_rc=120 tx_rdd_error_count=5121
Most likely it appears when I do copy large files. Could it indicate that usb drive is failing? Not sure. There is process interuption and speed is stable when I do copy.


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You can use amtm, which comes with the firmware.
Just enter amtm in the terminal. Then install the disk-check with command dc in amtm.
After this setup, reboot the router, the file check runs at every boot or when a device gets plugged into the router.
Once rebooted, check the log with dcl in amtm.


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If the GUI health scanner doesn't show any errors in its output then there aren't any.


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@ColinTaylor : it does not show anything. Empty as before test.
In log I see this:
Oct 26 00:39:48 rc_service: httpds 1253:notify_rc start_diskscan
Oct 26 00:39:48 disk_monitor: Scan manually...
Oct 26 00:39:48 disk_monitor: start...
Oct 26 00:39:48 disk_monitor: done
Oct 26 00:39:58 disk_monitor: be idle

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