How to remotely triggger / disable WLAN on R7800 X4S ?

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New Around Here
Hi all,
I would like to set up a script that can disable my Wireless Network based on some external triggers.
I am currently using Voxel Firmware, which works perfectly by the way.
I know I can set up a scheduled shut off the WLAN. But it would be even more meaningful to sync that with my Home Automation software (OpenHab). I would be able to turn off the Wifi while I am not home, or while I am sleeping.
The best would be to have some HTTP API to trigger this. I could also SSH and run some shell script.
Any of you has done such a thing ?
Any hints I could dig in to make this works ?
You are all doing a great job. Thank you Voxel & Kamoj. Take care.
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