How to remove Entware?


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It was installed for scribe (before that, Entware was not needed on my router), but not that I uninstalled scribe : How to get rid of Entware?

There is no uninstall option in AMTM...

So what are the config files I need to look for to get rid of Entware that is no longer needed for me?



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There is this thread from years ago that explains how to remove Entware.

While not specific to Asus-Merlin, there is this post that explains how to remove it on another system. It may or may not work/apply to Asus-Merlin.
> How do I uninstall Entware?
If you decide you would like to uninstall Entware or start from scratch with it, SSH to your device and enter rm -rf /opt/* and reboot, to reinstall Entware again then follow the instructions above after your device has rebooted.


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The thread from years ago that I found as well states "Remove the start commands from /jffs/scripts and/or the script_usbumount & script_usbmount variable from NVRAM".

What exactly do I have to remove from NVRAM - and what start command from which scripts in files in /jffs/scripts ?
I'm lost...

The other link basically states enter rm -rf /opt/* to remove it. Not sure if that works on Asus Merlin, though :-/


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I guess one would have to exclude entware from the source on github and compile the firmware from there.


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After further investigation in NVRAM and the scripts in jffs it looks like Entware is not started, as there is no dependency on it on my router any more.

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