How to setup site-to-site TUN connect with 2 Asus routers (Video draft)

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I am working on an indepth video on how to setup a site-to-site connection with 2 asus routers. So far I have created my "Quick talk" part of my video where I explain everything very fast. I did this so that people who watch the full video aren't bored with stuff they may already know.

The video is about 2:38 seconds (I could have made it shorter but I wanted to mention some things that would be useful for context for the full video when I finish).

If possible, can you please let me know if it was hard to follow or if I should change anything? I want to do this before I start working on the main video.

Thanks for everyone's time.

Also, most of the information comes from this tutorial ... ode.54868/

I just wanted to do a video about this because no one else has, or rather, I haven't been able to find anything about this in video.


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can you please let me know if it was hard to follow or if I should change anything? I want to do this before I start working on the main video.

Looks very good. Great job. The expanded version will be very helpful to a lot of people.

For viewers unfamiliar with VPN concepts, it might be good to explain at the beginning that a VPN link consists of a server at one end of the link, and a client at the other end. Many people seem just to talk about "VPN" and not really realise the difference between server and client parts.

But it's a delicate balance, because if you try to explain from absolutely first principles, the video will be far too long.

Perhaps also briefly mention why someone might want to set up a VPN client on the *router* at the remote location, rather than install the VPN client on a client device. (E.g. connection to a remote office allowing several clients to connect to the VPN server simultaneously, or possibly to perform a regular off-site backup).

The limiting factor for transmission speed is the *upload* connection speed provided by the ISPs invloved. (Maybe talk about RDS in a second video to come later?)

At 1:41 it's not immediately immediately clear in which direction the copying is done, but after thinking about it, the source must be on the right because the picture on the right also includes plain text.

Good luck - I'm also looking forward to the full video !

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