How to stop / start wireless service from putty command line?

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is it possible to do so if yes, how?
I found in scmarlin commands for restarting wireless service and to restart internet connection.
If it is possible to do it from command line is it possible to separate start/stop for 2.4GHz and 5GHz and how?
Is it possible to restart internet connection (to change IP adress) from command line in putty so that I don't need to enter amtm?
Router is rt-ac86.
Starting / stopping wireless service is because many times I have problem to login in webui, mostly I use old laptop with winxp (never failed - but I nedd then to switch on laptop just to be able to stop wireless service during the night for example).


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It appears that

service restart_wireless
service restart_wan

Will achieve the result you are looking for. I didn't check if this could put lock files in an invalid state. For reference you can open /jffs/scripts/scmerlin with a text editor.

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after checking script yes those are commands but probably locked files will be problematic, however service restart_wireless switched off leds for a moment so that one works...but wireless come back too fast.

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