how to understand Traffic Monitor

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I have an RT-AC68P with firmware
I can not understand the data in "Traffic Manager - Traffic Monitor" (Traffic Analyzer -> Traffic Monitor), especially the "Last 24 Hours".

Ref ASUS help page, where it says "When the router receives requests from attached network devices, it requests an equal amount of data from the Internet."

This is not happening. See the table below as an example.

Per the table in router GUI:InternetWiredWireless
packets in (reception)2.4 GB.6 GB.04 GB
packets out (transmission).6 GB5.6 GB1.1 GB

This doesn't make any sense. I guess there is some kind of inverse relationship: Internet in goes to wired out?
But then how did wired+wireless out get so high compared to Internet in? In and out packets aren't nearly equal, so it is not like all internal traffic driving up the #s.

I do stream movies on the LAN (wired computer to wired computer), so that would mean X GB out of one computer would be X GB in to another, which would be the same X GB recorded for both in and out, right? I could have no internet traffic but move files all day long from one wired PC to another PC and both Wired in and out values would be the same, right?

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