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How to understand what is happeign durig wifi transmission inside AP and client device

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Durign max throughput tests I have noticed a certain shape to the max throughput graph and I was wondering if there is any way to probe what is happening inside the NIC/AP/client device that is creating that shape?

I am using openspeedtest to test max throughput.
I recently built an x86-64 SFF PC box (intel i5 8500) into an openwrt router using a 4 port RTL8125 NIC (in x4 PCI slot) and a Mediatek MT7916 (M2 E-Key) module for 6GHz AP duties.

Its the leading edge of the speedtest graph that I am interested in.

Transfer starts at a trickle (up to say around 200-400mbps) then it ramps up to some high level then you get a sudden jump up to maximum throughput. This doesnt always happen every single time but it does happen most of the time. What I'd like to try and understand is what is happening in the drivers and devices that trigger the transition from trickle to rising to jump to max in throughput rates.

I have one device in particular (Quest3) that is severely capped at what I call the trickle stage and doesnt ramp up or jump up to max throughput, where as all other devices do (samsung phones and laptops with intel AX210).

The Quest 3 seems to be stuck at around 400mbps down and 20mbps up where all other devices will end the test on 1400-1500mbps up and down. Im trying to conclusivley determine if it is Meta firmware driver issues or if there is something wrong in my openwrt or MT7916 firmware/driver. I tested max throughput with a samsung S22+ (to compare to Quest3 arm architecture), Laptop with intel AX210 and the Quest3 (Snapdragon XR2).

stepped ramp up.jpg
labelled -stepped ramp up.png
throughput test.png

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