how to use AC5300 as wired router and 68U as AP

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I recently ended up with a RT-AC5300 which has a bad 2nd 5ghz Wi-Fi. 5ghz 1 is limited to lower set of channels, so speed is 1/2 of what I get with my RT-AC68U. I am thinking of using the 5300 as a wired router to run all the glorious stuff here (more powerful processor, more ram) and use the 68U only for Wi-Fi access (I think this is called AP mode).

Reason: I like to experiment and when the router reboots and stuff loose Wi-Fi signal, Wife and Kid get upset ... so if they are connected to Wi-Fi , things will be lil less hairy for me ::D

If anyone can share a good tutorial / guidelines, that will be great.


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Simply follow the instructions on the routers in question.

Look at the Administration pages, the options are listed there.

Basically connect the 2 routers with an ethernet lead, set the AC5300 in router mode and the other router in AP mode .
You might want to download the >> ASUS DISCOVERY TOOL << which will help you idnetify the IP Adresses of each device.


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I run my 68u in auto mode and currently it is using 157 .. and I get 100 to 120 Mbps on ookla speed-test (my ISP down is 120Mbps max) ... with the 5300 running on lower channels, i was getting between 50-60Mbps... live in a condo , so lots of interference...

running the speed test from the 5300 interface, I get full 120Mbps.

Runnign speedtest on 2.4G, I get similar speeds on both router...

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