How useful is Asus's Smart Connect?


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Just upgraded from the AC88U to the AXE16000 and loving the speeds!

During setup I chose to separate the bands and gave all of them the same SSID/password except the 5GHz-2, which I dedicated as a separate VR band (for Oculus AirLink).

I noticed that Smart Connect was off in the wireless settings, but my phone was still able to switch from the 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band as needed.

Two questions arise from this:
  1. What exactly does Smart Connect do?
  2. Is it fine to keep all but a single band (5GHz-2 in this case) the same name/password?
    1. I noticed during the Quick Internet Setup if I chose to not separate the bands, it still guided me to give the 6GHz band a separate name/password.


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Smart connect basically does what you've already done (same SSID on both bands), with a bit of extra "band steering" trickery. These days, most devices prefer the 5Ghz band by default, so band steering usually isn't needed.

I would assume 6ghz devices will also prefer 6ghz band, then 5, then 2.4, but have not used any yet. Hopefully 6ghz devices should support some of the newer roaming standards too which make them overall more seamless when transitioning between bands and APs.

If you find that you have some devices that should be on 5ghz (have good signal etc) but get stuck on 2.4 often, you can try enabling smart connect/band steering and see if it helps.

But yes perfectly fine to keep as many bands and APs as you want on the same SSID.

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