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HP Procurve 1400-8G or 3Come Baseline 2816 for server

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HP Procurve 1400-8G or 3Com Baseline 2816 for server

In a small office, of about 16 computers + 4 printers, I have to put in a switch in the server room which will be connected with 1 gigabit file server, 1 firewall, and 2 other switches, one of them with a cable length of 40m (the office is on two different levels).

I have read that Procurve 1400-8G is highly recommened for this purpose. My question is that we have a 3Com Baseline 2816 16x gigabit switch, which is awfully noisy, but performing rock stable since 4 years. If you say the small Procurve is a much better switch, than I will buy it and try to make the 3Com switch quieter somehow, but if you say there is no difference, than I could buy two passive cooled switches and put the 3Com in the server room, and everybody would be happy. Is there any difference between 3Com and HP in this range?

Do you know any reliable passive cooled 16-port gigabit unmanaged switches? I am looking at SMC SMCGS16 switch, which is passive cooled. Do you have any experience with SMC switches?

p.s.: Can some mod please fix the typo in the title?
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I've dealt with a lot of different brands of switches in the SMB area. A few things I like about HPs ProCurve series.

*Lifetime warranty, right there..that's a great feature.
*Great compatibility with gigabit NICs, especially important on the server. Sometimes you come across a server and a switch that won't auto negotiate at gigabit, sometimes it's flakey even when you hard set the NIC.
*I've never had to power cycle a Procurve to troubleshoot some odd network issue...they just run..and run..and run....rock stable.
Well I purchased the Procurve 1400-24g for home use and its been really good to me. Its been on for 4 months straight and I stream files amongst several computers and at least 8 computers are connected at all times and its been fine. I purchase the 24 port to wire the entire house with a single switch so I guess you don't need the 24 one.
I also have the 1400-24G.

Solid switch.... it does consume about 17W of power though... a bit high for a home switch...

just as reference, a netgear 5 port swich (which it replaced) only consumed 2W.
I've had the netgear GS116 running for about a year now with absolutely no problems. Fantastic switch if you just want a layer 2 unmanaged switch.

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