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HP Procurve 1800-24G + TS509 = Perfect

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Dennis Wood

Senior Member
After testing the Netgear GS108T, Dlink 1216, 3COM 2916 and now the HP Procurve 1800-24G switches, I think we've found a winner for use with units like the TS509 with dual NIC ports and support for load balancing. Thanks to the few posters here who provided their positive feedback on the HP products.

The Procurve does LACL (link aggregation) as it should, is simple to use and yes....dead silent. At under $400 for 24 gigabit ports, I'd highly recommended this product. The silence is golden as now, stored in a small cabinet, the TS509 cannot be heard and the positively raucus din from the 3COM 2916 is gone.

All of the other switches require you to create a trunk, and then enable or disable LACL on the trunk. This has struck me as a bit wierd as LACL under 802.3ad is supposed to be fully automatic and dynamic. The Procurve is the first switch I've tested where you simple enable LACL on the ports...and the switch automatically manages the trunk. The interface is wonderfully intuitive..you just need to tick LACL on the dual NIC ports (you don't configure a trunk) and the switch does it's thing.

Finally....something that works as advertised!
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