i changed from XR700 to GT5300 and now everything does not connect on my Lan


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HI, i hope you can help and stick to the end of reading this sorry

my setup is Huawei 612hg >>>>> Asus GT5300 ( was XR700) port1 Switch port2 Switch port3 NAS port4 Heating stat ports 5,6 (port bonding ) to netgear switch. This i had on the XR700 and worked well. i got sick of the buggy firmware with failure to fix over 3-4 yrs.

connected to the Netgear switch is , all our entertainment stuff tv, amp, consoles, and its used hard as were gamers and use streaming for our tv via amazon etc

so i switched to the Asus GT5300 , when i installed the router ( i was unable to see a IP camera which is connected to the Netgear switch ( not could i connect to the maintained Netgear switch anymore ( which i could live with. However with the ip camera we use to check on the fish when were on holiday. there were another couple of devices losing connection the yamaha receiver would show communication failure on the gui page.

I got so frustrated with the setup i reconnected the xr700 and it all came back.

I then connected the GT5300 to my laptop via ethernet and reset it i then hard wired the GT5300 to the Switch i could access the gui on the switch and the ip camera. i setup the router to my setting and i could contact all the lost devices on the ac5300. But now some other devices via the Netgear switch could not connect to the internet nor get a connecting to the AC5300 the TV being one

i have tried the latest firmware and oldest firmware i have tried port bonding off . Again in frustration i threw the xr700 back in and guess what!!! all worked.

I will admit i dont have alot of experience with Asus but so far they seem worse that Netgear. I would say we have 14-50 wired and wireless connected at the same time.

before i put the GT5300 on the bin for collection i though i would seek anyone who might know more than me



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