I have a couple of questions for you pro's.

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So I just picked this new RT-AX88U yesterday, I just set it up today, so far no issues other then the questions I will ask.

1. I tried to do a clean in stall of Mr.Merlin's FW, did the wps button thing but it did not do what it normally does when I had my ac3100? I think it worked but the power light did not blink repeatedly like it always does? Is this normal on this new router.

2. Under WAN, Nat Type Symmetric or Fullcone??? What is this never seen this before. What is best.

I am just using this router for normal use not for all the techy stuff you guys use it for.

Other than that, it seems just like the rt-3100.

Thanks in advance guys.

By the way, the reason I upgraded was because I have a very good friend who works at Bestbuy and I got it for $250.00 with insurance. Could not pass it up for that price.


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That is a great price! I would buy two. :)


Be sure you do the steps exactly as that post indicates.

By the way I did that?

Dude, I returned my rt-3100 since I always buy insurance on my stuff at bestbuy. I told them that the rt3100 bricked and wanted just a gift card for the full amount of the router, they did it with no issues at all. Got the gift card and got the new router. So pretty much paid nothing for a new router that I bought almost 2 years ago and still got some money left on the gift card!! Gotta love Bestbuy and always buy the insurance in my opinion. I have like 6 different accounts with different emails and numbers so I always can return stuff and not get banned for returning to many things on 1 account, lol.


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Thanks for the response sir. I play both on console and pc, so maybe will switch out when I play on my pc or console.


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
Thanks for the response sir. I play both on console and pc, so maybe will switch out when I play on my pc or console.
If you don't have any issue playing online games, then leave it to the default value of Symmetric.

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