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I have question for you pro's, RT-AC3100

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So I have At&t fiber, 1000 down 1000 up. I hated using the At&t GW, always caused issues when using my ac3100 in DMZ pass through mode.

So I stumbled upon a fix that people call it the "Dumb Switch Method"

So I copied the Mac address of the att gw to my ac3100 and proceeded to use a dumb switch to just use my ac3100. Well everything work perfectly, no issues at all have been up and running now for about 2 weeks and I have no issues.

The question is what are the pro' s and con's of using this method, other if the power goes out I have to redo the set up again, thakes about 5 mins, not a big deal.

Thanks in advance.
From your own words, there are no cons here. You are using the equipment correctly for your maximum benefit. :)

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