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[I think] I need help with static routing?

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New Around Here

I have three routers:

(Router # 1)
AT&T Uverse RG (default settings, set by AT&T)
SSID = "Uverse"
DHCP enabled
Basically, I only use this as the internet gateway for my other two routers.

(Router # 2)
Asus RT-AC56R (Merlin firmware)
DHCP enabled
(As the name suggests) this one connects to a VPN provider so that certain devices can't connect to the internet without going through a VPN.

(Router # 3)
Netgear Nighthawk R7300 (stock firmware)
DHCP enabled
I use this for regular internet access, netflix, etc.

Both routers have USB hard drives attached and I'm trying to access them across both networks. Can this be done with static routes? Is there a better strategy to employ?

I really like having a dedicated VPN router, so I'd like to keep that. But I wouldn't be opposed to adding new / additional hardware, or re configuring the other two routers.

thanks in advance
Oh geezz...
I made a rookie mistake.
My Asus router had a firewall enabled.

To answer my own question, yes simple static routing works great.

Specifically, i just set up a static route on my Netgear

IP =
Subnet Mask =
Gateway =

that's it, now I can see that usb hard drive from both networks!

I thought i'd leave the post up in case it helps anyone.

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