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If I go back from using my main AT&T gateway/modem to third party router is it a given all my local ip addresses for devices will change again ?

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It's not a given, at least if you replace old DHCP server with new one while not rebooting the clients. The clients will try to renew their existing DHCP leases, and if the new DHCP server is feeling cooperative it will hand out a fresh lease on the requested address, after which you're golden. I have seen this happen with the Ubiquiti EdgeRouters I use for DHCP servers, but I'm not sure if it's widely implemented that way.

If you're willing to do some manual work, most DHCP servers will let you manually assign IP addresses to MAC addresses, so you could pre-configure the new server to duplicate the existing assignments before you bring it live. Probably only worth bothering with for the clients that you really need to keep stable.

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