If I upgrade to latest version of merlin will all scripts etc still work


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i'm on 386.3 of merlin at the moment but i spent forever trying to setup scripts in /jffs/scripts which are currently working well . if i update to 386.4 will these scripts disappear or stop working ?


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I'm having no issues with the ones I'm using. I'm using most all except YazFi or wireguard.


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What scripts? Your own? From the AddOns forum (Diversion, Skynet, etc.)? Both?

There are no guarantees when it comes to upgrades, esp. when it's a dirty upgrade. It's much preferred if you do a factory reset, upgrade, and reapply all your changes. But many ppl don't. For some, things go well. For others, not so much. It's always a roll of the dice. Just make sure you create a *backup* of your JFFS and config before the upgrade, so you can always go back to the old setup.

Frankly, when things are working well, there's an argument to be made to NOT upgrade at all! Not unless you know it's addressing issues that concern you directly, particularly known vulnerabilities. But just upgrading for the sake of upgrading isn't always the best strategy. In my own case, I use FT (FreshTomato) as my primary router, and I only update at most ONCE a year, no matter how many updates are released. IOW, I don't chase updates/upgrades unless I have a good reason.


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Your best chance at having everything work (or, at least fixable) after you upgrade is to fully update all scripts, including amtm, before actually flashing the newest firmware. Be sure you also reboot the router at least once and after 15 minutes or more, verify that all the scripts/options are working as before.

You may need to look at the changelog file to see what has changed in the new firmware and adjust your expectations with the scripts and options you're currently using and relying on.

Whatever you do, save a backup config file of both the router's configuration and the JFFS partition too before you do anything else. Download and save/verify the firmware version you're using now. If everything goes south on the latest firmware, you should be able to use the files above to get back to where you are now (within minutes of deciding to do so).

Please let us know your progress/decision. Always interested in any feedback.


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Thanks , i managed to upgrade successfully and scripts are functional however one problem is DNS, i tried using 2 normal preferred dns services that i typically use all the time , i get a resolve error message and no internet access , when using an alternative dns it works again but I prefer my normal dns which I know works very well , any ideas what could be wrong


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im connected to the vpn tunnel

EDIT got it fixed but I ended up installing stock asus firmware then resetting to factory , reinstalled previous version of merlin and copied back the scripts all is good since
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