Impossible to upgrade to 386.3_0

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I saw that last version was issued.
I have an AX 86U and tried to upgrade it to 386.3_0 from 386.2_6 but nothing happens. I go to the frimeware upgrade page were I select to upload the frimeware from my computer. The file seems ok since the hash is correct. but when I select it, I just get a "please wait applying settings" message and on the lower left part of the navigator I can see a message stating "connecting to"
and then nothing happens.
Is there an alternative way to upgrade
best regards


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Did you try,

Rebooting the router?
Safely removing any and all, USB devices?
Safely removing the USB devices and physically removing them (with a reboot afterward)?

Did you double check that you downloaded the correct firmware for your router?


New Around Here
Every time I upgrade my AC86U I download the AX86U firmware, try it three times, scratch my head then realise I've got the wrong firmware. Did it again last night. You may not be as stupid as me but worth checking. I Upgraded to 386-3 successfully last night on my AC86U. This was from a mac using chrome over wifi.

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