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Improved Internet Speed via Orbi AX6000 (?)

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I recently replaced my Google Nest Wifi mesh network with a Netgear Orbi AX6000 three-pack. Since I started working from home full-time due to the pandemic, I noticed that my Nest network was adequate but not always reliable, with a few dropouts daily and occasionally lagging performance. The reviews of the Netgear Orbi AX6000 were uniformly impressive, and the fact that the product was almost never in stock suggested to me that a lot of other people were making the same discovery I did about their home networks, and they were upgrading to what most reviews suggested is the fastest mesh solution currently on the market.

So far, it hasn't disappointed me. Wireless connectivity in my house is so smooth and responsive that I am not aware of it most of the time. What did intrigue me, however, is the Internet speed test results for the Orbi vs. Google Nest Wifi. I have a 300 Mbps Internet service, and when I ran the speed test with the Google configuration via the Google Home app, my Internet speeds were around 175 - 190 Mbps on average, with the occasional peak to 240 Mbps or so. Running the speed test with the Orbi app consistently yields results exceeding 300 Mbps. I should add that the Ookla Speedtest app validated these results for each of the routers using my desktop, which is hard-wired to the router.

I expected my home wireless performance to improve, but since I thought the cable modem and the service to which it was connected were the determining factors in my Internet speed, I didn't expect to see the improvement in Internet speed that I did. Is there something in the interaction between the router and the cable modem that factors into Internet speed?

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