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Improving FTTP connection around the house?

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New Around Here
Hi all, first post and I'm a network newbie so go easy on me please! I hope this is the right area for this post.

I just upgraded from 36mbps FTTC to 300mbps FTTP, but I'm getting quite a drop off in speed both in WIFI and ethernet across the network. Currently my setup is as follows:

Plusnet 300mbps installed behind TV in lounge, the router feeds a switch to supply TV, Xbox and various smart bridges, it also feeds a AV1200 TP Link powerline adaptor that is rated up to 1300mbps.

TV in Kitchen connected via WiFi
Computer in office upstairs connected via AV1200 powerline adaptor
Synology NAS in loft connected via AV1200 powerline adaptor

I've noticed that although I recieve a reliable 300mbps at the router, the computer is only recieving about a third of that speed and by the time you are upstairs the WiFi can be as slow as 20mbps and coverage is quite poor by the time you are in the garden/garage

Is there anything I can do to resolve these two issues?

1. Throw away the power line adapters, they are junk and will at best hit 100-200 Mbps on a good day. The rating means nothing in the real world and it's just a marketing thing on the packaging.
2. You're in fact better off with WiFi than the power line adapters if you have a fairly recent router.
3. No mention of what WiFi router you have, but make sure it's not hidden behind something, as that is likely to reduce the range and speed. That includes it being behind the TV. Check that the antennas are screwed in properly and pointed upwards, but slightly outwards. If they're not screwed in properly, you might have damaged the signal amplifier in the router and it doesn't deliver the expected speed and range due to this.
4. Potentially getting a better WiFi router, something like a WiFi 6 model and placing it as centrally as possible to cover as much of your home as possible.
5. If it's your property, install some Cat 5e or Cat 6A (if you ever plan on going faster than 5 Gbps at home) cabling and run an Ethernet network, as it'll give you the best possible speeds around your house.
Any coax outlets around? If the coax is unused or if the needed frequencies are clear, and the lines are or can be interconnected using MoCA-compatible components, MoCA is a much more preferable alternative to extending the router LAN via wire than Powerline.
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