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In dnsmasq, how do I stop overriding an address if the server goes down?

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for example, if I have something like this in dnsmasq


which redirects to my server (, how do I make it go back to steamcontent.com if my server goes down?

Currently, if my server goes down, requests to steamcontent.com will timeout.
dnsmasq by itself cannot control the behaviour of the clients. It's role is merely to supply DHCP/DNS records when a client asks for them. You could add multiple address= lines for steamcontent.com but it will be entirely down to the client how it uses them.

The only way I can think of to be sure your clients go to a specific IP address would be to have a script that's always running that monitors the availability of your local server. If the server goes down the script would remove your address= line and restart dnsmasq. When the TTL of the DNS record expires the client will start using the public IP address. The script would also have to do the reverse when the local server came back online.

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