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Inadyn with dedyn/desec

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I'm trying to setup a dyn dns service called deSEC. I have a dyn subdomain sub.dedyn.io.
In the newest version of inadyn, deSEC will be supported, but there is an older version in Merlin's firmware. So I need to make a custom config.

In /jffs/configs/inadyn.conf.add I have a couple of extra dyndns services configured which are working well.

I found this thread: Go to post #3, which was my starting point and checked the doc's at deSEC and Github.

I tried different configs and fiddled with the code, but no success.
Any one has this working or can offer a hint?

provider desec {
    hostname = sub.dedyn.io
    password = "somekey"
    ddns-path = /?myipv4=/usr/sbin/nvram get wan0_ipaddr
    ddns-server = "update.dedyn.io"
    username = "sub.dedyn.io"
#    checkip-command = "/usr/sbin/nvram get wan0_ipaddr"
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Got it working! 😊

custom selfhost {
    ddns-server = update.dedyn.io
    ddns-path = "/?myipv4=%%i"
    hostname = "sub.dedyn.io"
    username = "sub.dedyn.io"
    password = "yourkey"
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