Incompatibiliy between Guest Network bandwidth limitation and individual client bandwidth limitation

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Here my problem :
- I setup a Guest network with bandwidth limitation : everything went fine, retrictions were applicable to devices connected to this Guest SSID
- after that, I defined a bandwidth limitation (using Qos menu) for a specific device : I can see that's the individual rules which are applicable whatever SSID this device was using, fine.
- then I removed the indivual bandwith limitation for this device
- My point is that right now, Guest network bandwith limitation is not working anymore for any devices ... I tried to setup another Guest network, but same issue : bandwith limitation is not working for any Guest network ...

Thanks for your help


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Does it work again after a reboot? Or by following any of the relevant steps below?



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yes I tried to reboot again and following the troubleshoot recommendations, but no success, impossible to have the Guest bandwidth limitation working again.


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After some testing moving back to stock firmware for AC86U, it seems that's it's not a Merlin issue but a bug onto official Asus firmware.
The issue is that once you have defined a bandwidth limitation on Guest network, if you create any specific bandwidth limitation for an individual device (Qos menu, bandwidth limitation) it will break Guest rules. And even if you remove this specific bandwidth limitation, it will not make Guest network limitation to work again ...
The crazy thing is that if you activate a VPN client, then download limitation will work again (but not the upload, that's another issue ...) ...

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