Incorrect Data for QoS WAN/LAN Bandwidth Monitor

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Has anyone noticed the Bandwidth Monitor sometimes reports incorrect usage for a device or confuses with another device? I checked the Traffic Analyzer and Adaptive QOS tabs, and they consistently got this wrong. They showed one of my smart plugs using 4GB of upload per day. I thought the plug was hacked and proxying traffic through my network, but then I realized my doorbell camera continually uploads at about 500kbps - and router console/app showed 0 traffic for the doorbell, even though I confirmed it was uploading. It used to track this correctly, but a few days ago, started measuring the smart plug traffic that was actually my doorbell. The Asus app, and router portal in the browser both showed the correct MAC Address of my smart plug. I unplugged the smart plug, and the device went away in the device list, but my doorbell camera still showed 0 upload.

How is this even possible? The MAC address of the plug from my router matched the actual MAC of the plug. My doorbell camera is a completely different product - one is a 5ghz radio and the other is 2.4 - plus they are on two different wireless networks. How could they be confused? Looking back at logs, it started a few days ago.




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