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New Around Here
So I have my data in a couple of external USB hard drives and USB flash drives and no redundancy, backups, etc. Not only am I at risk, but also out of room, so I decided to purchase a budget NAS that offers RAID 1. After much researching and being torn between the D-Link DNS-323 and DNS-321, I decided to go for the more expensive option (DNS-323), which really isn't faster, but offers a print server and a USB extension where I can plug in one of my USB hard drives and configure it as a separate drive for trivial data that doesn't need mirroring. I am also planning to purchase two 1TB or 1.5TB SATA drives for the RAID.

However, I also want to use the full potential of the gigabit transfers, but currently have a 802.11g Linksys router, 802.11g Compaq laptop, 802.11g Compaq desktop and 802.11b Dell laptop, all connected wirelessly to this router.

I then considered upgrading my router to a gigabit N (I am looking at the D-Link DIR-655), but have a couple of questions:
a) Will having these slower NIC's connected to this fast router drop all my transfers to 802.11b?
b) Even if that's not the case, is it worth it for me to upgrade my router or will the fact that all clients connect to the router with a 802.11g connection at best make my gigabit connection between router and NAS overkill?

Please advise.

Thanks in advance and sorry for what I'm sure are pretty dumb questions in this forum.
If you are running all clients on wireless 11b and g, the gigabit connection to the NAS is a waste. Maximum real speed of 11g is around 20 Mbps and 11b is around 5 Mbps.
I thought so. So, unless I upgrade all 3 NIC's, upgrading my router is a waste of time, right? Would you say my NAS ($170) and router ($100) options are good?
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