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Install CMS in 209j

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I recently bought the 209j and filled it with 2 1TB drives. I was trying to install wordpress for some development testing and I can't seem for the life of me to figure it out? I can't even get phpmyadmin installed.

Has anyone done this successfully? I can't find any direction on synology's site or their user forums.

I have not done this myself. You might ask on the Synology Forum. I see lots of forum entries there indicating people have successfully installed WordPress.

Synology treats WordPress as a 3rd party app. There is a link to the 3rd party app installation here.

And this link shows that WordPress is a supported app.

I suspect that you do not have to go the route of installing the tool chain and compiling your own version. Ask on the Synology forums. I am a big fan of the SmallNetBuilder site and forum, but there would be more exposure to your question there - or someone here can jump in with a more complete answer. :)
I haven't done it either. But the fact that you can't get phpmyadmin installed tells me that something may be wrong with the basic Apache server setup.
Make sure that both the Web Station and MySQL services are enabled.

I hope that you are using root access and looking at error logs for clues. Otherwise you could have a long slog.

Here is a link to the Synology Wiki for the phpMyAdmin install.

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