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Installing OpenWRT on an old router

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I am planning on installing OpenWRT on an old router and I would believe I have to add that router into my existing (10.x.x.x) network.

Can I plug the old router WAN port into an existing network LAN port - if so what settings do I need to set? I know this doesn't work but I think it should and I don't know how to fix it.

I don't care about internet access and I don't want to mess up my existing network.

I will be using the old router with a non-networked laptop purely for OpenWRT configuration purposes, I can pre-download all the necessary OpenWRT files.


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Start here...

Yes, you can hook up the WAN port to your LAN - on initial setup, connect on ethernet to one of the LAN ports on your OpenWRT device so that you can set up the admin password, along with other initial configurations (wireless, etc)

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