Intel x550-T2 - WOL N/A

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Hi guys,
I have a custom built NAS with Unraid on Asrock X570m and Ryzen APU.
I setup 10Gbe network at home and therefore bought a Chinese version of Intel x550-T2.
What I needed from NIC in addition to the 10Gbe is working WOL from S3-S5 state. After installation I went to Bios and it showed me in the NIC settings that WOL is N/A. Power for PCIE is of course enabled and WOL works on the integrated LAN just fine. But I need to have it connected with one cable only.

Then I installed the NIC into the PC with Windows on Gigabyte X570 aorus master. It showed the same thing - WOL is N/A.

I downloaded fresh NVM and utility from Intel website. The Adapter is well recognized by Intel software and passed all the tests.
PRO Set utility.jpg
I upgraded the NVM and UEFI driver no problem and then tried to switch on WOL using a command-line utility from Intel.
NVM update finished.jpg
The Intel utility reported that WOL is an Unsupported feature.
Command line WOL2.jpg
Screenshots and photos of BIOS and commands applied in the command line are attached.
Asrock x570m Pro4 - 2.jpg
Asrock x570m Pro4 - 4.jpg
I kindly ask to advise which direction to dig? Is there a way to make WOL active or it's a HW failure?

Thanks in advance
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